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Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Each year millions of people experience a financial crisis that leads to debt collection. As a personal bankruptcy attorney, Jay Silverberg can help guide you through the following scenarios:

  • Creditor harassment
  • Debt collection lawsuits
  • Bank account garnishments
  • Seizures of other property
  • Tax Levies
  • Foreclosures
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Automobile reposession
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Nobody wants to be in debt.  Creditors can be aggressive, rude, threatening and sometimes unscrupulous.  Unexpected events and circumstances can result in a financial hardship.  Even individuals who have a good salary, emergency savings, and other resources can struggle with debt problems. A sudden illness, accident, or other major change in your life can cause you to fall behind on your bill payments.  The present Covid-19 crisis has caused unexpected financial challenges for many individuals and families.

During a bankruptcy, creditors and debt collectors cannot take any action to collect debts without permission from a bankruptcy judge. You can find immediate relief from the stress caused by financial problems and move toward a better future.

Whether you’re a business owner, individual or a joint debtor, we can help you navigate through your options.  At Silverberg Law Firm we provide effective and result-driven legal services to clients in all types of bankruptcy matters. Our bankruptcy and debt relief lawyers are ready to help you every step of the way. We strive to help you get back on track.   Our team understands that the decision to file for bankruptcy is not easy. We can help you file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 or Chapter 13. We can help you with resolving financial disputes. And we may be able to help you save your home from foreclosure, stopping wage garnishments, and helping you make a fresh start.

If you find yourself attempting to decide whether to file for bankruptcy, you should know your legal options. Knowing which options to choose can literally change the course of your financial future. Before you file bankruptcy, serious consideration should be given to discussing your situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to understand your rights and options. Contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Silverberg Law Firm at 1-888-355-0666 or reach us online for a free consultation today.

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Choosing The Right Attorney

When you’re searching for an attorney, it is important that you find someone who understands your goals and your business. You need an attorney who will pay personal attention to your situation. You need someone smart, tough, and someone will give you a clear picture of your situation at every juncture so you can make decisions. For more about Jay L. Silverberg’s experience and background click here

We understand business. We understand your situation. We provide legal advice, support, and guidance when you need it.

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