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Civil Mediator, New Jersey

When you are involved in a civil dispute, you can file a lawsuit and allow the matter to be resolved by a judge or jury. But litigating a civil lawsuit can be time-consuming and costly. Mediation services, also called a settlement

Furthermore, regardless of how strong a case you present, you can never be sure of the outcome at trial. Moreover, information disclosed in civil lawsuits and the judgments that are rendered, are a matter of public record.

For these reasons, an increasing number of would-be litigants are choosing to resolve their civil disputes through mediation, rather than long, expensive, and risky public trials. Plus, in many courts, mediation has become a regular step in the litigation process and is often being required by judges prior to trial.

How Attorney Jay L. Silverberg Can Help

Jay L. Silverberg of Silverberg Law Firm in New Jersey is a seasoned business and bankruptcy lawyer. As a trained Civil Mediator, Mr. Silverberg provides expert mediation services to parties in New Jersey and New York, who are looking to resolve their disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Mr. Silverberg routinely acts as a mediator in a broad range of disputes relating to business law, corporate law, commercial law, real estate, contracts, employment law, and bankruptcy. Though Mr. Silverberg’s practice is focused on New Jersey and New York, he is also able to conduct virtual mediations anywhere in the nation.


What’s more, because his fees are significantly lower than other mediators with comparable law practice experience, allowing Attorney Jay Silverberg to mediate your dispute will save you money, without compromising on experience, expertise, or quality of service. To inquire about mediation services, or to book a mediation call Silverberg Law Firm at (732) 992-3000.

What is Mediation?


Mediation is an alternative to resolving a civil dispute in court. In mediation, you and the party(s) to the dispute meet with a mediator who helps you negotiate all the issues you need to resolve to settle your dispute.

A mediator is a trained, neutral third party—often an experienced lawyer or retired judge—who acts as a facilitator while you and the other party(s) negotiate a resolution to your dispute. The mediator helps you discuss options for resolving various issues, so that you can come to a mutually agreed-upon resolution that is in everyone’s best interest.

What Kinds of Civil Cases Are Resolved Through Mediation?



Mediation can be used to resolve many types of civil disputes. Commonly mediated civil cases include those related to:

Contract Law

Business Law

Real Estate Law

Personal Injury Law

Corporate Law

Commercial Law

Employment Law


How Does a Dispute Enter Mediation?

If a judge, member of the court, or the parties themselves believe that a case will benefit from mediation, it can be referred to mediation at any point in the litigation process. The New Jersey Court system maintains a roster of qualified mediators from which a suitable candidate for your case can be selected.


If a settlement is reached in mediation, the parties will sign a written agreement that memorializes the settlement terms and agreement. The attorneys for the parties will then prepare the necessary paperwork to file with the court. This will ensure that any claim is paid, a release is signed, and the matter is resolved.


If a settlement isn’t reached in mediation, or if some issues are still unresolved, the parties can choose to engage in other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution or continue with the litigation process and take the case to trial.

The Benefits of Mediating a Dispute

As a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, mediation provides the following benefits:



Mediation promotes healthy dialogue between the parties by giving them time to have their story heard and to discuss their issues at length.

Time and Money


Mediation can result in a faster resolution to your dispute and net you more money by saving on traditional attorney’s fees and the cost of litigation.



The parties have complete creative control over how the dispute will be resolved, as well as the nature of the settlement agreement.



Mediation is a confidential process. This means that the parties can discuss issues that they might not want to disclose in a court of law, and do not have to worry about saying something that can later be used against them at trial.

Creative Solutions


Mediation provides for more creative solutions, which can be structured to address each party’s unique requirements for resolving the dispute.

More Satisfaction


Parties who take part in mediation report being more satisfied with the outcome of their disputes than parties whose disputes were settled in court. Moreover, research shows better long-term outcomes with mediation, for all parties involved.


  Even if the case is not resolved during mediation, the parties will usually have gained valuable insight as to the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s case, as well as a better idea of just how much money it will take to settle the case.

Why Choose Attorney Jay L. Silverberg To Mediate Your Civil Dispute?



Over more than 30 years practicing law, Jay L. Silverberg has served as outside general counsel to a variety of successful businesses, and he has handled a wide variety of corporate and business transactions, including matters ranging from small business deals to notable deals involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jay L. Silverberg has also handled countless bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation matters, and he has represented various parties in bankruptcy cases ranging from the largest mega-cases to middle market and small business bankruptcy matters, as well as individual consumer bankruptcy cases.

In addition, Mr. Silverberg has spoken on bankruptcy and business law issues at such prestigious forums as the American Bankruptcy Institute, the New York Institute of Credit, and the New York City Bar Association.

This breadth of experience has endowed Mr. Silverberg with an in-depth understanding of the types of issues that typically need to be resolved during civil mediation, as well as the costs and risks that the parties will face if they must resolve their disputes in court.

Consult with an Experienced New Jersey Civil Mediator

Mediation is a cost-saving, time-efficient, and effective way to achieve a mutually agreed-upon resolution to civil disputes, while avoiding the time, expense, and risk associated with resolving a dispute in court.

If you believe your legal dispute can benefit from mediation, call Silverberg Law Firm in New Jersey at (732) 992-3000, or visit our contact page to schedule a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced New Jersey Civil Mediator.

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