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Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

Is your business facing challenges? Unsure how to cope with reduced volume or negative cash flow? Has your business been hurt by the Covid-19 crisis? Does your business have too much debt? Is your business behind in paying rent? We can help.

Jay L. Silverberg is a seasoned business bankruptcy lawyer.  He started practicing in the bankruptcy field over thirty years ago, and during that time has represented virtually every type of party in interest in connection with a multitude of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, out of court restructurings, compositions, assignments for the benefit of creditors and workouts.  Although he has handled cases of every size, including very large “mega-cases”, Jay presently focuses on small and middle market business cases.

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The Covid-19 pandemic is creating extreme challenges to many businesses in nearly every industry in the United States.  We can help guide you in facing those challenges. Some businesses that are impacted by the Covid-19 crisis can be saved.  Others sadly will not make it.  Either way, having an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is essential to assist you in learning your legal options.  A skilled bankruptcy attorney can maximize the chances of the business surviving.   Even if the business cannot be saved, good advice can help the business make a soft landing with the least negative impact upon creditors, owners, employees, counterparties to contracts and other interested parties.

Government programs alone are not going to save the day.  While a PPP loan may go a long way toward preserving a business and restoring lost capital if the loan is forgiven, most businesses require more than that to survive in our vastly changed business landscape.  We work closely with you and crisis managers and other professionals (as appropriate) to help your business emerge from this dark time as a strong viable entity.

Similarly, creditors of smaller businesses impacted by the pandemic may face enormous challenges in mitigating losses and maximizing the amount of their recovery.  Our years of experience dealing with small business and middle market businesses, will be brought to bear in helping you collect.

Representing creditors in bankruptcy matters poses unique challenges and opportunities.  There are strategic decisions to make.  It is not simple, and there is no substitute for experience.  Our experience that we have will help our clients make the right decisions to maximize the value of their collateral and reach the best possible outcome. We have deep experience in handling cash collateral motions, DIP financing motions, motions to lift the automatic stay, and the like to help protect and enforce our clients’ interests.  We know how to carefully oversee a Chapter 11 or out of court insolvency case to protect the interest of our clients.  Our experience acting as Debtor’s counsel in numerous cases provides us with unique insight and a broader vision than most creditors’ attorneys.

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