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Are you burdened with debt in New Jersey?  Are you experiencing issues like creditor harassment, repossession, foreclosure, and wage garnishment? Don’t know whether you should file for bankruptcy? Then get in touch with us, Silverberg Law Firm LLC.

Whether you’re a business owner, individual or a joint debtor, we can help you navigate through your options to help you wipe the slate clean; and take a fresh start.

At Silverberg Law Firm LLC we provide effective and result-driven legal services to clients in nearly all types of bankruptcy matters. Our bankruptcy lawyers are ready to help you every step of the way with a focus to resolve your debt and plan for your secure financial future.

We, at Silverberg Law Firm LLC strive to help you achieve the best net outcome and get back on track by experiencing financial freedom. Our team understands that the decision to file for bankruptcy is often the hardest because of the complicated process, and misconceptions.

We can help you file for bankruptcy protection (under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13) to aid you with resolving financial disputes, such as saving your home from foreclosure, stopping wage garnishments, and helping you make a fresh start.

At Silverberg Law Firm LLC, we work with individuals and owners of businesses of all sizes, and with lenders as well as with debtors in connection with bankruptcy issues, insolvency and distress.

Jay Silverberg has extensive experience handling business insolvency issues for secured and unsecured creditors, for businesses in trouble, and for other parties affected by insolvency (such as employees, landlords, licensors and licensees and prospective purchasers).  He has reorganized many businesses both in Chapter 11 and through informal out-of-court arrangements.      Jay has handled hundreds of avoidance actions in bankruptcy proceedings, including preferences and fraudulent conveyance actions, as well as other bankruptcy litigation.

We always on the best net outcome, which may mean pursuing out-of-court a workout or sale of the business.

Jay’s extensive experience in the business insolvency area has resulted in numerous speaking engagements on bankruptcy and insolvency related topics.  Recent examples include: American Bankruptcy Institute National Meeting, Roundtable on “Intellectual Property Issues in Bankruptcy”, Fordham Law School Fashion Law Institute Symposium on “Bankruptcy in the Fashion Industry” and New Jersey Bar Association, “Wardrobe Malfunction: Handling Distress in the Fashion Industry”.

Silverberg Law Firm LLC handles primarily business bankruptcy matters, but will selectively consider handling individual cases as well.

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